Shooting Price List

Corporate and Charity Events

Roundwood Shooting School hosts corporate entertainment and charitable events. Contact us for more information.

Tuition Tariffs

Sessions:                                                                                                             1 Person      2 Sharing     3 Sharing

    Adult one hour lesson                                                                                  £70                 £90                  £95

    Adult course of six one hour lessons                                                   £350              £450               £475

    Junior / Student one hour lesson                                                          £50                 £75                  £80

    Junior / Student course of six one hour lessons                           £250                   -                         -

    Mixed Adult / Junior one hour lesson                                                      -                  £85                  £95

    Mixed Adult / Junior course of six one hour lessons                       -                  £425               £475

Note:  The cost of Clays and Cartridges is not included in lesson prices. 

   25 Clays                     £5

   25 Cartridges         £7

You may bring your own cartridges. Otherwise, there is a variety of cartridges available for use at the shooting school.

Experienced Shot Tariffs

   Game shooting practice, includes 150ft high tower and 100 clays       £50

   FITASC Sporting 100 Targets including 100 Clays                                         £50


Bookings are always required. To book your shooting session or day out at Roundwood Shooting School contact Chas Davis on 01962 774 576 or email

While on the shooting ranges all clients will be accompanied by an instructor.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of shooting do you do?

Clay pigeon shooting, i.e. English sporting, FITASC and game shooting practice.

I don't know one end of a gun from the other. Can a complete beginner learn at Roundwood?

Yes, absolutely. We can provide instruction and guidance for all levels.

How old do you have to be to shoot?

There is no legal age requirement.

Do I need a gun / licence to shoot?

No. We will provide all the equipment you need free of charge (though you can of course use your own gun if you want to). No licence is needed if you are under instruction.

I am an adult over 18 years of age, how do I claim the Student tariff?

Show your students ID or other form of equivalent evidence that clearly indicates that you are currently an academic student.

Can I bring my dog to the shooting  ground?

No. Unfortunately, we have experienced too many incidences where seemingly well behaved dogs suddenly exhibit inappropriate behaviour.

What happens if inappropriate behaviour occurs?

The instructor will halt the activity or ask the person(s) to leave the shooting ground due to unsafe or inappropriate behaviour or situations. The instructor's decision is final.